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Welcome to the Save Our Kids Parental Alienation Foundation.

Due to our trip to Washington, DC for the family preservation festival, justice march, meetings with senators at the u.s. capital and candle vigil with others from around the country, we have been set back a few weeks with updates for our foundation-add mission statement-but leave blank-only because i have to be a little more suttle on that 1 issue-compared to the hundreds of horror storys i just heard in washington from other parents.

Our foundation, while working with others from around the country will provide one of the largest data bases of storys, testimonies, evidence, facts, refferals, proclamations, events, laws, articles from victims, adult survivors of p.a.- judges, drs., therapist, 1st hand wittneses, and to stop this form of child abuse-to educate the public and change laws to make it a felony charge when our children are used by another parent or friend of the court.

Below are informational links concerning Parental Alienation:



Any attempt at alienating the children from the other parent should be seen by doctors, family courts, teachers, and the public, as a direct and willful violation of one of the prime duties of parenthood; neglecting any attempt at fostering a good relationship/child bond with the other parent.

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