This is Angel and his son Dalton.  I sort of took him under my wing call it a Big Brother thing at the time of this event.  I knew from the beginning, He was misunderstood by the people around him.  I knew all he or any child needs is a mentor, a Dad, a Friend.  He has come a long way, with his manners, helping out others, and understanding his role as a young father.  He understands that he needs to do better for his soon, girlfriend, and mother.

I find the time to help, teach, and encourage him along the way.  He sees his friends doing things that he does not want to do himself.  He would rather work on his bikes or lawnmower than to get into trouble.  He just needs guidance and he will will do alright.

Spending time and mentoring Angel had nothing to do with his Mom, my friend, because besides the 4 kids, I only have 1 love and she knows who she is.

Angel2 and Dalton

Angel and Dalton



Father holding child
Always Remember...Never give up on yourself or your children.


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