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On the afternoon of September 8th 2005, a typically normal day I was leisurely eating my lunch when my  cell phone rang and my sister was on the other end saying that the Manchester police and the State police were both calling the house requesting that I surrender  both my pistol permit my handgun and my 2 rifles. This was very alarming to me because I had no idea what I had done or even worse why they would want to seize these items of mine, I am a former UNITED STATES Marine and further more a law abiding citizen. I called the Manchester Police and asked why, so they told me it was due to a temporary restraining order that my EX had filed about me.

This is the beginning, this order was the 1st thing that was to be the start of my living hell of my life, This order kept me away from my 2 children, my babies the most important reason for my existence, from the day they were both born and every day after my daughter Alexandria {Alex} who is 12 years old and my son Antonio 6 years, this was a pre empted vicious attack on me with so many ridiculous things said about me. I was never served any papers from a sheriff 1 week later I was in court still not knowing what I was there for other than the fact that my pistol permit was to be surrendered. It was just about 20 minutes before court and I talked to a Family Services Supervisor. She showed me the paperwork that I was never served. I was heartbroken and  outraged all at the same time, when we went in front of the judge, right from the start my EX started to tell lies stating that I take my daughter 11 all the time, after school during the week, keep her for sleepovers but my son I hadn’t taken him for over 2 years, even after her knowing that I took him to most little league games and watched  most games, there were times that Antonio would do sleepovers with his sister either at my house with me being there or at my brother & sister in-laws house with their cousins or at my sisters home, we played  baseball, we went for long  walks, we worked  on things together, we rode his quad and our special times  go on and on. we were a family, a loving family, a bonded family, and my family took care of the kids, not only short term but long term to because they love the kids and to give my EX a break. My EX knew this but yet still lied to the judge under oath; this is when I told him I needed a continuance to retain an attorney he granted me 2 weeks.

We went back to Court myself, my attorney and witnesses, and with no arrests, no served papers, no reports of violence to police or Family Relations or doctors reports, teachers, ECT. The case was dismissed. This is when the department of family got involved and my children received a lawyer, weeks went by, months went by, no court ordered custody paperwork or any orders for me to see my children no orders for me or anything to my EX to let me see them. I was able to see them only for a couple of hours in the last 7 months while there was an investigation, I wasn’t getting any results from my attorney so I went to him and fired him, took all my documents, found a letter from my children’s appointed attorney to mine that was full of lies and never discussed with me, by law I was supposed to be told about this letter. I figured that because my lawyer referred her to me, and knowing how our family’s life was in such turmoil at this point, would be a conflict of interest and he didn’t want to step on her and believe everything she says, over 40 lies documented in court. In transcripts under oath, 2 hidden police reports, lies about a brain tumor to school officials, and now her 2nd eviction in 4 years most recently found.

I had my boss listen in on 2 conversations  because at first I believed that she was really there for the best interest of the children, I  believe a child needs both their mother and their father in there lives for balance regardless of how we as parents might differ even to the point of not speaking to each other, my EX knows that the children are the love of my life and because of the way I was raised no matter what I say about my EX ,es  neglect as a parent the Family services woman and the children’s attorney make up excuses again and again for her.

Its been about 22 months now and I’ve talked to people either on web sites or by phone all over the country, about their horrors their nightmares on the people in authority that are supposed to know the laws and have no regard for them, the laws that exist today need desperately to be changed so that children will not be hostage against either parent .I’ve been told from advocacy groups , fathers rights originations  and numerous concerned citizens that my civil rights, parental rights , constitutional rights, and my children’s rights have all been grossly violated . I will, with the support of my family, friends and concerned citizens send out letters to the President of this United States on down to every parental group and organization all newspaper , radio and television stations, to congress and select lawyers and judges .If I have to get 100 or 10000 signatures or phone numbers then I will.

I am planning to start  my own support group in Connecticut  and with the help of other concerned parents hope to make this a nationwide group for justice for the children  and for the parents that are being torn apart from the children they love. Because of this horrific situation I had to exhaust all of mine and my children’s savings, I had to leave my last employment to keep up with court hearings, lawyer appointments, all other postponements that delayed me from seeing my children, while I proved my innocence. Even though this has taken a very stressful and emotional toll on me and my family, I will continue to fight for my children and for justice.

Both my children and I missed our first Halloween, our 1st thanksgiving, and our 1st Christmas together, also my daughters 1st basketball season and her 12th birthday  even though I repeatly asked  the attorney that I didn’t want to miss it , “ what a coincidence would you like to stop by’’  she said while she was already in the house with my children so I brought my daughter roses, and  while in the house my son ran up to me and was jumping all over me begging me to stay while in the presence of the child’s attorney  this brought tears to my eyes however we got a 10 minute visit .Also their great, great, aunts 90th surprise birthday party.    There will be people held accountable for the reasons that we missed all these special and precious events as a family. There has also been 14 other special occasions and that my children will never see and enjoy all to 1 womens neglect, incompetence, and obstruction of justice.

My only contact and salvation is that my daughter calls me every day  for she knows  the truth, but my 6 year old is being alienated by both the children’s attorney and my EX. I have numerous pictures, evidence, witnesses & over 100 phone numbers of people that either know me or the children, or know that we have been torn apart by this horrific unjust situation because everyone knows just how much I love my children and what they mean to me. I have heard the three easiest ways for a parent to take a child away from another parent is to alienate from another parent, false child neglect or abuse, or to say that a parent is going to run with the children. I would have hoped that the proper authorities {Family Relations} would have seen through these false accusations from my EX instead of obstructing justice and alienating my children even further away from me. Even after repeated times by either my self or my children telling the child’s attorney that they want to be with and see their dad, she continues to alienate us instead of trying to keep us together. She thinks nothing wrong with this. Also to add to a number of things that she thinks nothing wrong with is the fact that my family wants to stay as a family, I brought my 90 year old aunt who is a retired psychologist and three family members to our one hour visit at Burger King for a so called holiday event I was told to bring presents, I said no way Christmas is on Sunday and we will celebrate at home when we are a family once again. To this date 3-22-2006 the gifts are still in the children’s bedroom along with their Valentines Day and birthday presents still wrapped. I finally threw out their Halloween candy because it is too old.

Throughout this horrific time I have remained calm and have had to listen to things like your family is to involved or that was one of the worst things you cold have done by bringing the family to Burger King, I was also told to forget about thanksgiving and Christmas lets just move on and other people have it worse off than you. I was told I have to start things slow with my son, and I will continue to stand as the father I am, full time, regardless. The house and cell phone was turned off for a two week period with no way for the children to call me, the police or anyone else in case of an emergency, I told the attorney I wanted to buy a phone for my children and my daughter said her mom refused, the lawyer said I will check on that and never got back to me even though my EX is employed and driving a new car and has a live in boy friend, the excuses still continue. On October 23rd 2005 while walking my sisters dog in my old school yard about 8 pm I witnessed a burglary in progress Two males broke the door to the school and were hiding computers out of site I called the Manchester police on my cell phone and told them what they were doing where they were hiding the computers, and where they ran. Minutes later 8 police cars and a helicopter came over the school they caught one suspect and I went with Officer Morton to identify suspects , I did what was right and they were apprehended  this is what I teach my children, to never lie and to do what is right always. 

Two past presidents,  two hall of fame baseball players and most of all my parents have been my roll models, my father a decorated WWII  Veteran  who always taught me right from wrong ,my mom taught me things that are still true today and always said that honesty will prevail even though I was 12 and 25 when they both passed away I still think of them every day ,I have stayed strong through this entire incident because of the way my parents raised  me, I know how I feel and I know how my children feel because their father has been taken away from them for the last 22 months . Another thing that was said about me, grasping for straws still again and these people instead of searching for the truth disregard it, because without more problems, they would not have a job. Any one that knows me knows that I am 100 percent against drug use; I have promoted that to anyone or any child, because of the lives and families that have been destroyed due to drugs. My parents taught me never to give into peer pressure, never wanting to embarrass my parent’s name, and most of all, because of my passion and dream to play professional baseball. Another smear that will be known nationwide, because of who I am as a friend, a brother, a marine, and most of all a FATHER, and my character can and never will be destroyed.

          In closing, I just want to summarize that the events that are happening to myself and my children are not only due to the behavior of my EX but also the many, many flaws that are existing in the system that gives her the power and allows her and the officials to manipulate the truth even though they are supposed to care for your children and due what’s right by the letter of the law, and letting the justice system operate on facts not emotions as it was intended to do. I hope to make changes to make these people held accountable for their actions and maligning the truth and destroying families.   It is pretty appalling that a person that is incarcerated has more rights to see his or her child than someone who has not been convicted of any crime except for the crime of loving his children too much. If there is any information, laws, violations, actions, reform, or help that you can assist me with please contact me at saveourkidsfirst@aol.com

Mom and Dad

Although I am thankful for all the help and support from Family, friends, co-workers and people all over the country.  I have to THANK my  Mother and Father for what they showed me and the character they instilled in me before they passed.  Without that, I like many others might have GIVEN UP. - KENNY





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Injustice here is Injustice everywhere! -Martin Luther King Jr.


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