We would like to thank all of our sponsors from Connecticut and all over the country that are business owners, parents, and advocates that are helping us by having their decals on our moving monster jeep billboard - these people I have personally met or worked with throughout the country for shared parenting and stopping parental alienation!

Equal Parenting Party.org - NY
National Speed Center - CT
Guardian Home Improvements - CT
Estate Sale Ladies.com - CT
Cafe Laffayette - CT
TSI Harley Davidson - CT
Kloth Consulting - CT
Split N Two.com - MS
Crispe.org - CA
Corrupt CT.com - CT
US Concerned Parents.com - CT
ImageWorks, LLC - CT
PAinCT.com - CT
Free Spirit Cafe - CT
Fathers 4 Justice.us - CA
PA Awareness,org - Canada



Girl with Dad 2
Injustice here is Injustice everywhere! -Martin Luther King Jr.


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